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Your personal web page will be like to this sample. Your brief written bio will be in this section under your contact, Facebook  and Linkedin information.  Your main Resume Live will be a click away in the blue section on the left.  A second click (in the bottom right corner of the video) brings it to full screen in high-quality HD on any internet connected device.  Your ‘deeper dive’ videos are arranged below along with testimonial videos, speeches, YouTube clips, etc.  

On the left side below, there are tabs for your written resume as well as any tests, metrics, etc. that you choose to include.   Written references can be attached  here, too. In short you will have provided comprehensive “one stop shopping”.   You are witnessing here the most advanced, cutting edge method of presenting your skills, experience, personality and energy to any potential employer in one easily accessible place.  Nxtact’s Resume Live is giving job search a whole new face.   You will see results from the jump …  

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Video Resume Clips

President, Sara Lee Foods

President, Jimmy Dean

Sr. Director, Taco Bell

Director of Marketing, Sunkist


Bill Doolittle, VP Sales at Kinko's/FedEx