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An award-winning producer and senior producer for the Network News magazines ABC News 20/20 and CBS News 60 Minutes II. Rob’s broad and noteworthy body of work includes extensive reporting on a variety of topics from entertainment and human interest stories to hard-hitting investigative reports.

For over two decades, he was a Senior Producer with ABC News Anchor Barbara Walters for her ABC News Special Hours.

Mr. Wallace was part of the teams that launched several successful franchises in network news — ABC News 20/20, Barbara Walters Ten Most Fascinating People, 60 Minutes II and many of Barbara Walters’ post 20/20 Specials with ABC News.


Journalism and Awards


In network television’s heyday, Rob’s reporting was seen by audiences as large as 35 million viewers. His body of work garnered most of the major television journalism awards: the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award, the Edward R Murrow Award, several Cine Golden Eagle Awards, over twenty Emmy nominations and seven National News and Documentary Emmys for Outstanding Reporting.

Mr. Wallace’s first National News Emmy was awarded for a report on the last lynching claimed by the Ku Klux Klan. The report led to the arrest and conviction of the leader of the Southern Alabama Klan.

That story was followed by a series of exhaustive investigative reports about wrongfully convicted and incarcerated people. The truths exposed in these reports were recognized by the courts which moved to overturn jury verdicts. Seven men and women were set free after this series of reports.

Working for over two decades as a Producer and Senior Producer with ABC News Anchor Barbara Walters,

Mr. Wallace produced in-depth news making profiles of some of the most famous celebrities of our generation – Elizabeth Taylor, Angelina Jolie, Oprah, actor Charlie Sheen and many others.

Carmen NYC
Catch Me If You Can
Florence Henderson 1
Florence Henderson 2
India Dalai Lama 1
India Dalai Lama 2
Las Vegas Matthew Broderick Faith Hill
Liz Taylor
Richard Gere 3
Martin Sheen
Mel Gibson 1
Richard Gere 1
Richard Gere 2
Oprah Chicago

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Rob traveled to India twice for interviews with His Holiness the Dalai Lama at his home in Dharamsala.

India Dalai Lama 2

For CBS News 60 Minutes II, he profiled Libya’s dictator Muhammar Kadafi — once known as the Mad Dog of the Middle East – here praying outside his Bedouin tent in the desert south of Tripoli.

Libya ruins
Libya Charley Rose
Libya Neeraj Khemlani

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And he co-produced the only recent interview conducted by a western journalist with Syrian President Bashir Al Assad, Syria’s president.

Bashir Al Assad

Mr. Wallace produced dozens of news-making interviews – among them was the first and only face-to-face interview ever done with the man who killed John Lennon – conducted inside New York’s Attica Penitentiary.

Mark David Chapman

A variety of adventure stories took him across the world … to the steam sewers beneath Ulan Batar, Mongolia where he found homeless children struggling to stay warm … to diving on a thousand year old ship wreck near Bodrum, Turkey … to floating weightless in a NASA jet high above the earth …


… to journeying with former 20/20 Anchor Hugh Downs aboard a Russian ice breaker all the way to the North Pole with another Hugh Downs where they played softball with the passengers and crew …

Alaska 5
Alaska 4
Coerk Boat
Guatamala 1
London 1
Travels 1
Travels 2
Guatamala 2
Indy 500 3
Indy 500 2
Indy 500 1

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Rob is comfortable in any visual story telling genre. His highly tuned producing and story-telling techniques will keep you at ease while helping you convey your own story with insight and style.

Your Nxtact awaits…

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Barbara Walters 2
Barbara Walters 3
Barbara Walters 4
Barbara Walters Bill Ritter The View
Barbara Walters The View
Bashir Al Assad
Charley Rose Anthony Hopkins
David Muir Interview
David Muir intro
Directing 2
Directing Oprah Interview
FIRST Finals St Louis
Headshot 1
Headshot 2
Jerusalem 1
Jerusalem 2
Jerusalem 3
Jerusalem 4
Jerusalem 5
Las Vegas Directing
Latoya Jackson questions
Latoya Jackson
Liz Taylor Collection
Mark David Chapman
On Set
Scotland 1
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Virgin Mary Yugoslavia 1
Virgin Mary Yugoslavia 2
Warren Buffet Office

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