• I sat in awe as I watched my own video profile last evening. Your work is amazing! … this is a game changer! … And might I add that I’m honored to be a part of Next Act’s inaugural group of professionals!

    Suzet McKinney
  • Rob and his team did a great job in helping me think about and prepare for the profile video. Rob’s talent and experience really come through in the excellent editing and production capability. There are many talented people with exceptional resumes out there, but this video cuts through the haze of data to let people get to know me.

    Mark Overdyk
  •  An interesting impact of the video, when I joined my new organization, many people mentioned that they had seen the video. We live in an age where people immediately google us! They felt the video gave them an interesting window into their new CEO! 

    Chris Griffin
  • “I REALLY like the video resume approach. You made me look great, the production values are great and it brings the stories to life. I like the use of graphics, too. Helps tell the story.”

    Ellen Turner
  • You have … made each candidate even more compelling. The “smiling” shots that you included make all of the difference in their approachability and likeability — the two factors that are SO important in getting to the next stage: in front of the hiring company.

    Gail Meneley