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Business leader who has profitably grown a variety of businesses from $150M The Weather Channel to the $2.5B Sara Lee Foods.

… Ellen Turner is a senior leader who has repeatedly produced record sales and profit growth across multiple consumer businesses by solving for and crafting winning Growth strategies…

Her leadership as President of the $2.5B Sara Lee Foods division transformed a cyclical commodity-centric business into a demand-focused brand-building organization with relevant innovation that drove 4X category growth; she led both retail and commercial businesses at Kinko’s/FedEx with a new vision and a focus on demand/verticals and retail experience.  She has also held senior marketing and sales positions with The Weather Channel, L Brands, Taco Bell/Frito-Lay and Cadbury Schweppes.

Ellen holds a BS in Commerce with Distinction from The University of Virginia and an MBA from UT-Austin.  The daughter of a ‘rocket scientist’ (Apollo), Ellen grew up in Houston, spent summers at her Grandparents farm in the hills of Virginia, and now lives in Cincinnati with her husband, daughters and tiny dog.


Video Resume Clips

President, Sara Lee Foods

President, Jimmy Dean

Sr. Director, Taco Bell

Director of Marketing, Sunkist


Bill Doolittle, VP Sales at Kinko's/FedEx