John Ketterer

Founder • Principal Partner


Mr. Ketterer spent many years in the international equity markets. He began his professional career in the London office of Goldman Sachs. Afterward, he became a member of the New York Stock Exchange. There, as managing partner of the specialist firm Walter N. Frank & Co., he worked to position the firm as the leading market-maker in companies domiciled outside of the United States, complementing the firm’s domestic clientele base. Discovering liquidity throughout the world and increasing the visibility and global reach of these companies was the paramount focus. To that end, John traveled extensively around the country and the world meeting with senior corporate managements, working closely with them to achieve these goals. When the firm was sold to Goldman Sachs, it was regarded as the premier international firm on the NYSE. He continued his efforts at Goldman Sachs as a managing director.

Outside of his professional career, John is actively involved in many philanthropic endeavors. He also enjoys a wide range of sports and activities from downhill skiing to snorkeling for scallops.

John lives with his wife and children in New Jersey.