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Nxtact combines video, modern day technology, industry expertise and solid strategy to take your old paper resume to an entirely new level using social media … your own fully customized personal marketing website.

Barbara Walters’s award winning — Senior Producer Rob Wallace and his team of experts will coach you all the way!



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Why Nxtact?

Your Profile

Your Nxtact profile is so much more than just another social media account or a standard paper resume. It is a complete and customizable personal marketing website.

Your Videos

Videos are the future of the internet and self-promotion. Whether you choose to learn how to shoot your own videos or you prefer a highly professional, broadcast-style video interview with all the bells and whistles, Nxtact has a package to fit your budget.

The Masterclass

Our Masterclass courses feature industry-leading professionals who will educate you in the art of preparing, crafting, and promoting yourself and perfecting your Nxtact profile.

Rob Wallace

Rob Wallace, owner and visionary of Nxtact, is a seven time Emmy award-winning producer for shows like 20/20 and 60 Minutes. As former legendary interviewer Barbara Walters Senior Producer, Rob will bring his experience and expertise to your interview.

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The Nxt evolution of social media and resumes.

Not just a page, an entire website.

Having a Nxtact profile is like having your own personal marketing website. Our profiles feature written bios, videos, pictures, education, life experiences, and more. Your robust profile gives potential employers a much deeper view of you — more than a traditional paper resume or single page social media account ever could.

The control is in your hands.

With our Masterclass training you will be equipped with the knowledge of how to create an astonishing profile. You will learn how to market your true self, armed with the best possible tool, a Nxtact Profile.

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Learn from the best.

Industry professionals

Our courses are taught by industry professionals. You will receive training in preparing for your video shoot, preparing for interviews, using your personal marketing website and much more!

Simple & short classes

Our classes are structured to be easy to understand and digest. Each section is short and focuses on a single topic. You can take the classes at whatever pace fits your life.


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